Esports and gaming skills give students new tools – and perspectives

If you tell most parents thattheir children are going to play video games at school, their reactions will bemixed, to say the least: video gamesdo not match the traditional idea of education.
But there is at least one person who sees the implementation ofEsportsas an opportunity:Mark Martin, Computer Science Lead atSouth Bank Engineering University Technical College, London.
Acer has embarked on ajoint projectwith South Bank UTC toprovide the institution with gaming hardwareand thusintroduce the students to Esports as a potential career, and most of all, as a way todevelop highly marketable soft skills.
The reaction has beenoverwhelmingly positive: Martin has noticed amarked improvementin the life and work skills they will need to succeed in the engineering and health fields on which South Bank UTC prides itself—创造力,teamwork and communication, not to mention a healthy dose ofperseverance and ambition.
If they are shown how to apply the abilities acquired in gaming to the real world,better gamers can make better employees—all it takes is the patience tostart from level oneand take their educationall the way to the final stage.


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