EdTech Trends 2020: the future is now

The end of a year and the start of a new one is the ideal time toreflecton the recent changes in the field of education technology and tolook to the immediate futureof technological solutions for the classroom:what does the beginning of the new decade have in storefor students and teachers worldwide?

EdTech Trends 2020: you can BETT on it

As one of theleading companiesin education technology,Acer will be present at BETT 2020, the first industry show of the year, wherehundreds of companieswill gather in London from the 22ndto the 25thof January topresent and discuss new ideasfor the year ahead.
One of the major points of discussion at BETT is the growing importance ofartificial intelligence in educationas a tool tosupport both teachers and students. Perhaps ironically,robots and artificial intelligence can improve the human sideof the school experience.
Furthermore, tracking students’behaviour and engagement with the learning materialthrough AI can helpcustomize their experienceso they can learn in a way that isoptimal to their personal style, and alsoraise red flagsfor educators to notice andoffer helpto students who seem to be developing not optimal behaviour.
Artificial intelligence can create ahealthier, less stressful environmentnot only for students, but for teachers as well: by using the growing potential of AI as ateaching assistant, educators can greatlyreduce their workloadandfocus on valuable class timewhile technology takes care ofcollecting data, highlighting learning and behavioural patterns, and evenplanning and grading, which willimprove the quality of lifeof our teachers and perhaps put a stop to the alarming trend of skilled educatorsfeeling overwhelmed to the point of wanting to quit.

Old trends, new solutions

If we are to take an educated guess as to what 2020 will bring to our classrooms, we might say that the general tendency will likely be thegrowth and improvement of pre-existing trends. Change, even in a field that changes as rapidly as technology, does not come from nowhere:learning through video, applyinggamificationprinciples to lessons, and making learningmore immersivethroughvirtual, augmented and mixed realityare nothing new. What we can expect from the coming year, however, is for these solutions to becomeeven more widespreadin our schools as thecost and maintenance requirementsof the equipment become more affordable.
All of these havea common denominator: they do not change thecontentof the school curriculum, but they do affecthow the content is experiencedby students. Once again,it is technology that reminds us that students are humanand therefore in need ofmemorable, diverse learning experiencesthat are as unique as they are to ensuremaximum retentionof the information.
In the same vein, 2020 will see an even greater push from educators and guardians everywhere forsafer, more accessible schools: the more parents and teachers are made aware of the potential and the risks of using technology in class, the more they will naturally ask schools to providebetter protection from the dangers of the Webby shielding the students’ devices both frommalicious softwareandinappropriate content. Students withlearning disabilitiesand other difficulties will also benefit greatly from thereturn to humanitythat no longer expects them to conform to impossible standards: instructional videos,text-to-speechtechnologyand a wealth of other aids will continue to be by their side ascompensating toolsthat give thema fairer chanceat learning at the same pace as their peers.
In conclusion, while an increasinglytechnology-oriented worldwill undoubtedly needa shift towards STEMand relatively new subjects such ascoding and robotics, what matters as we look at the education trends for 2020 is notwhat students will learn, but how they will learn it: the aim of EdTech companies in general and Acer in particular is tomake a positive impact on school life on either side of the teacher’s deskand togive the learning experience a new, more exciting shape.

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